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How Many Ravers (Wes Smith’s Freebass Remix)

Check out Wes Smith’s Freebass Remix of How Many Ravers by Prime Attack!


It’s Wes Smith Yo – The Album, Remixed (Volume Two)

Remixing the life aquatic round two, Wes Smith invites you to join him and his magic fugu for a journey into the remix.  With a proper remix album, exploring the currents of twelve minds, Wes Smith reserves a seat for you to float among his jellyfish friends as you feel the funk, roll out to the club, and rave on.  Drop the low end and press play!


Feeling, Feeling, Feeling by Dubaxface – Original and Wes Smith Remix – Out Today!

Feeling, Feeling, Feeling is the follow up original release for Spain’s DubAxFace on Juice Recordings.  The original gets low with bouncing basslines and signature clean percussion, while the Wes Smith remix brings some of that Califunkya bassline heat.