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Rubberbands by Wes Smith & Dirty Kicks

Juice Recordings presents Wes Smith and Dirty Kick’s release, Rubberbands. Both tracks push the envelope, smashing the floor and innovating the genre. Rubberbands features an absolutely brutal synth lead that is sure to induce bass face while Come On Baby brings an electrifying energy and a rolling beat before re-dropping into a undisputable festival smasher.

Everybody In The Place by Wes Smith & Short Stack

Wes Smith & Short Stack bring the bangers with this release on Juice Recordings. The Original Mix of Everybody In The Place turns up the heat to a blisteringly hot level while The Festivus Mix slices up the beat with some downright nasty synth sounds.

Move Like Us by Wes Smith

Wes Smith brings his unique energy to the bass house sound in this two track release, Move Like Us. The Califournya Mix delivers the wub, while maintaining the funky style that Wes is known for. The Califunkya Mix chops up the beat and increases the pressure, turning even the stiffest of parties into a full blown rave.