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Charts, Okinawan Potatoes and Kalua Pork

On the chart front this week…Wes Smith/White Boy Awesome’s Bring Back That Funk holds tight @ the Beatport Breaks #1 slot; DJ Moon’s Beat On My Drum jumps up @ #22 (DJ Fixx Remix)/#84 (Original); Wes Smith/Duble Time’s Push That System (DJ Fixx Remix) posts up at #29; and Wes Smith/Dirty Kicks’ It Makes Ya Move sit’s on the ledge @ 89.

While we were chilling with Deekline, Kuplay, Stanton Warriors and Paul Oakenfold b/w of  Perfecto Breaks…we also learned this week that Okinawan Potatoes are purple, Kalua Pork is salty and they taste great together.  Keep It Low Friends!  TJS;)

“Bring Back That Funk” Eats to Much Turkey, Drinks to Much Wine, and Get’s Stuck @ #1

Thanks to all the Juice Hedz that took Wes Smith & White Boy Awesome’s #Brink Back That Funk out for the holidaze and gave it so much to eat and drink it fell down and can’t get up;)  At the risk of sounding like a lady gaga rah rah rah monologue, thanks fans!

JR1310, Bring Back That Funk, Wes Smith And Whiteboy Awesome on Juice Recordings

The Juice Squad’s Turkey Week Chart Action

Big up to all the Juice Hedz for keeping The Juice Squad’s cast of characters steady on a few charts this week.  Thanks to our homies at Jamvana for keeping things smooth too;)

Bring Back That Funk (Wes Smith, White Boy Awesome):  Beatport Breaks #1 & Track It Down Breaks #5

Push That System, DJ Fixx Remix (Double Time, Wes Smith): Beatport Breaks #12

It Makes Ya Move (Dirty Kicks, Wes Smith): Beatport Breaks #25

Ride of Your Life (BumpR StickR, Wes Smith): Beatport Breaks Featured Release