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Peace to All The Deejays | Juicy Beatport DJ Mixes

There’s a gaggle of dj mixes on the interwebs that feature tracks from Juice or My work for other labels.  For example on Soundcloud, MixCloud and who knows where else.  I try listen to as many as possible, and highlight them from time to time.  This fine bit of editorial is a nod to the DJ’s that made Beatport Mixes and included our jams.

Most people hit Beatport to buy “exclusive” singles before they are released on the other digital stores.  Some go there to find DJ Mixes they can buy, along with all the tracks that are in the mix.  This is good for labels and artists because fans can buy these mixes, and “some” cash makes it’s way to the DJ and the artists.

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The current oddity is if the mix is going to be for sale, all the tracks on the mix need to have been purchased from Beatport.  This imposes a few pesky hurdles (like no pre-release hiotties) so I feel DJ’s that include us in these mixes go an extra mile to support us, and for that, we thank you!

While ratings vary by audience, technicality, music selection and a bunch of other factors, here’s a few of our favorites; Takeover by Gerry LaBarge, Experiment in Breaks by Josh Duncan, Year Of The Breaks by Jen Z (from our ZeroTribe Fam), Live at Decadent Oasis, Burning Man 2013 by Kev/Null, and Tampa Breaks (Summer 2012 Mix) – DJ Mondo by DJ Mondo.


Pump It Up by Kalani Dias | Original + Wes Smith’s Califunkya Remix Out Now!

Check it out Juice Heads…our latest drop is Pump It Up by Kalani Dias.  With his sophomore set of tracks on Juice, the new EP features Kalani’s original plus a signature Califunkya Remix b/w of Wes Smith.

JR1416_PumpItUp_KalaniDias_600, Juice Recordings, The Juice Squad, Wes Smith, White Boy Awesome, Dirty Kicks, BumpR StickR, Low End Hustler, #Breaks, #Breakbeat, #JuiceHeads, #Califunkya  #BringBackThatFunk, #HotMessGoesBoom,  #FriendsInLowPlaces, Kalani Dias, #Califunkya

Califunkya 2 EP by Wes Smith | Rockin’ B-Boys, B-Girls & B-Dogs World Wide!

We’re on the upside of a spectacular run up the charts this week with DJ Fixx’s Remix of Go Crazy hitting #1 on the Beatport Breaks Top 100…and now Wes Smith’s latest B-Delic banger b/w of the Califunkya 2 EP smoothes to the Jacuzzi a la the #17 spot.  The Califunkya EP series (1 and 2) has rocked the top slots on numerous occasions with it’s funk bass, floor work ready flava…and for that we thank you!

JR1415_Califunkya2EP_600, Juice Recordings, The Juice Squad, Wes Smith, White Boy Awesome, Dirty Kicks, BumpR StickR, Low End Hustler, #Breaks, #Breakbeat, #JuiceHeads, #Califunkya  #BringBackThatFunk,

This time, the A-Side cut is Soundwave Attack, fresh dropping some slick pianos and heavy bass line action at the roll out…while the B-Side is Bring That Beat Back flips up the bass groove, keeping things bouncy and heavy.

For a special snack…literally this took some snacks…along with the release, we dropped our first video sampler with live action from the one and only B-Dog Luther, who flexed his floor spin skills in the beat kitchen.  Enjoy!