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SBSR052, Be Faithful Ms. Jackson (Wes Smith’s Freebass Mashup)

Check out Wes Smith’s Freebass Mashup of Be Faithful Ms. Jackson by Fatman Scoop & Outkast!


Don’t Touch by Wes Smith

Wes Smith’s Don’t Touch is pure funk brutality. The Califunkya Mix shakes it up and tears it down, while the Califournya Mix lines up the kicks and drops in a fresh melody.

Do The Uprock by Wes Smith

Wes Smith is back at it again with a Califunkya and Califournya Mix of Do The Uprock. Both tunes pack enough heat to have the crowd bouncin’ all night. As always, the Califunkya Mix breaks the beat while the Califournya Mix features four on the floor action.