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JR1716, Califournya Dreamin’ 01 by Wes Smith

Following his first Califunkya Dreamin’ release, Wes Smith brings you Califournya Dreamin’ 01! Enjoy the Califournya mixdowns of Nothing To Say and Bubble Yummy.

Do The Uprock by Wes Smith

Wes Smith is back at it again with a Califunkya and Califournya Mix of Do The Uprock. Both tunes pack enough heat to have the crowd bouncin’ all night. As always, the Califunkya Mix breaks the beat while the Califournya Mix features four on the floor action.

Get Down To The Funk by Wes Smith & White Boy Awesome

Wes Smith & White Boy Awesome’s Get Down To The Funk achieves its mission statement in style. The Califunkya Mix is a hands in the air anthem with funk guitar, vocoder, and pure body movin’ groove. The Califournya Mix blends funky melodic bassline house with a classic break down and dark sub range vibrations.