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Dirty Circles EP | BumpR StickR, Dirty Kicks, Duble Time

Dirty Circles is a clubby 4 tracker with BumpR StickR taking the lead and droppin’ two baltimore breaks bangers.  Title track “Dirty Circles” is more traditional 4/4 club breaks and “Keep It Movin” is a huge club break with a wicked signature breakdown.  Dirty Kicks drops the grimy bass elements on this one with “Wanna Get Bass” and Duble Time represents  the DNB cru with “Uppin The Game”.  We also brought back one of our favorite cover gals, Michelle Maria.  You may remember her from the Bad Girl Bass cover.  Enjoy!

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Ride of Your Life | BumpR StickR & Wes Smith + Kid Kenobi Remix

Hot on the heels of Push That System (Duble Time), It Makes Ya Move (Dirty Kicks) and Bring Back That Funk (White Boy Awesome)…This week we drop Ride of Your Life (BumpR StickR & Wes Smith) supported by a solid gold remix from Kid Kenobi.  Enjoy!