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It’s Wes Smith Yo! Teaming Up With Lady Waks to Shake Some Hot Cakes Bass!

And the boom goes on! With 3 out of 50 tunes on the Hot Cakes Bass Shakers compilation – It’s Wes Smith Yo! continues on a magic fugu ride like none other, including a dope ass unreleased track called BARS with Markk Polo! So that’s like 6% nerds! Big ups Lady Waks, Deekline, Martin Flex and crew!

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 1.29.31 PM

Available on the release are two mixes by Lady Waks, a name that is synonymous with breakbeat. She is not only an accomplished DJ and producer but has also earned Breakspoll awards for Best Dj, Best Producer, and Best Radio Show. She is also well known for her skills as a designer, photographer, label owner and promoter.

Both mixes feature hits that are currently rocking speakers as well as bangers that have now become classic tunes, the first lady of breakbeat masterfully gives us a dose of the best beats from artists like Wes Smith, Deekline, Martin Flex, KMFX, The Stanton Warriors and Marten Hørger. All the tracks are available individually as well as in these two outstanding mixes. Here is a teaser below that includes Wes Smith’s “Don’t Stop The Robot” at the 9:15 mark.

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Holiday Party Busted; Officer D.J. Hyper Tells The Juice Squad to Turn Down the Funk a Notch

The Juice Squad has been to some dope parties in their day, but few compare to the 2013 Bring Back That Funk fest @ the Beatport Breaks #1 slot hosted by Wes Smith & White Boy Awesome.  The red carpet was full of fan favorites from Splitloop & Brad Smith to Head Set Heroes, but here’s a few notable outtakes from TJS’ water cooler captain M.C. Lickey.


The line to get in to The Juice Factory was crazy but kudos to Agent K who showed support with a fist full of Money.  Early on DJ Icey brought some Freaky Stuff and DJ Fixx was straight tossing Dolla Bills while Curtis B kept trying to Throw It Back.  At one point I thought I smelled a rat but it was just Keith Mackenzie trying to Freak Dat while Colombo was handing off the dance circle to a Part of Me that was poppin’ out of control to the sounds of Fort Knox Five’s Party Pushers.

Inside the main tent, Beta was showing skills with Mad Rhythm on the 1200’s and Colombo was gittin things twisted @ the bar mixing up The Brainkiller.  This put Kid Panel in a freeze saying “U Know How I Do” when I’m on that Diablo Loco.  Stanton Warriors were getting ready to Cut Me Up with sick bass while Krafty Kuts seemed to Feel Like Jumpin to Deekline’s Groove Thang in the booty bass room.  Later in the night I saw Slyde getting electric and he just said “I Can’t Help It  man”, Will Atkinson is doing Perfecto dropping Damage on the dance floor.

Just as as things were hitting capacity and started to become a real Hot Mess, Kuplay insisted we should Never Say No to The Pooty Club so we opened the doors to let them in.  Turned out Bella was right behind them telling them they should find Somebody To Love and that’s when Officer D.J. Hyper popped his head up with some Lies about the noise limits and proceeded to put a stop to the Breed of funk that had fueled the month long frenzy.

TJS being the sporting kind had a brief chat with Officer Hyper and figured what goes up must come down.  So after an unforgettable fiesta numero uno, we agreed to dial the volume down to #2 on the scale of 10 and slowly wind things out for 2013;)

For a complete run down of the fiesta, check the Bring Back That Funk page.