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MTG Festival of Friends 4 Kicks Off with a Boom!

If you are a Bass & Breaks head, don’t sleep on this.  Like I said in my past write up [Link]…I like to hit the club/festie as much as the next chap, but if you don’t have that in your hood this weekend, this is the spot to be.  I popped into MTG FOF4 for a few sets and some pretty off the cuff humor in the live chat last night.  All the music was pumping, jokes were slinging and I was stoked to see people from 4 or 5 time zones and twice as many countries across the planet.  Check the flyer, and more of my jabber below;)

Event_MTG_FOF4_2015-02-19, #JuiceRecordings, #ItsWesSmithYo, #WesSmith, #TheJuiceSquad, #StickyBumps, #BringBackThatFunk, #Califunkya, #CampCharlie, #EDM, #UDM, #Bass, #Funk, #Breaks, #Breakbeat, #Garage, #2step, #UK, #FutureGarage #USA, #California, #SanDiego, #MTG, #MonkeyTennisGroup, #FestivalOfFriends, #PerfectKombo, #MikeNice, #AtomicHooligan, #DJChronic, #Fonik, #KarlSav

I caught the later sessions including sonic assaults from Ellisentials, Black Fire, Leilani & Mr. Wink…hats off to them rockin’ the decks.  As you can see my logo and that juice one are up in therrrrreeee…hats off to the MTG crew.  My set is Saturday night, 1 to 2am EST.  I’ll be around for a bunch before that but catch me in the chat for the final #MagicFugu swag out session;)

Event_MTG_FOF4_2015-02-19_Schedule, #JuiceRecordings, #ItsWesSmithYo, #WesSmith, #TheJuiceSquad, #StickyBumps, #BringBackThatFunk, #Califunkya, #CampCharlie, #EDM, #UDM, #Bass, #Funk, #Breaks, #Breakbeat, #Garage, #2step, #UK, #FutureGarage #USA, #California, #SanDiego, #MTG, #MonkeyTennisGroup, #FestivalOfFriends, #PerfectKombo, #MikeNice, #AtomicHooligan, #DJChronic, #Fonik, #KarlSav

And there are so many hot ones in here, just peep that schedule…but here’s a special shout to a couple that I’ve worked with recently and I’m off my nut to catch the likes of…Atomic Hooligan (UK), Blacklist,  Karl Sav, the Juicy Agent 137  and my SoCal homies Otter, and Genevieve…big ups for brining it proper, and again hats off to JB Thomas, Neil Thompson and the MTG crew for making it happen.



Juice Drops | Digital Underground Vol. 420 Mixed by DJ Chronic

From the get go, the use of the number 420 is no mistake.  As noted on his Soundcloud, it would be Volume #4, but…and speaking of Butts, the cover goes hand in hand with the chronic, and not that you need it to enjoy the show, but it doesn’t hurt.  How fitting as we get into the Miami boom boom season.  So into the music Yo!

On the intro some cool Egyptian Lover business helps you take out your papers, and before you think, wait that’s old school, well yes it is, but it’s an edit b/w of Florida’s Phat Kidz, so, dope it is.  After the smoke clears, DJ Chronic drops you right into some serious broken beat business B/W of Mafia Kiss, DJ Hero and Mutantbreakz, which also includes the first Juice Drop.

I’ve always enjoyed Mafia Kiss and this edit ironically is one he did for a contest I also entered, but did not win;(  But it’s funny how things go round as I later had the pleasure of supporting him on an NYC date for Vitamin B, as well as doing several remixes on Diablo Loco Records, and he didn’t give me any fish wrapped in paper.

JuiceDrop_DigitalUnderGroundVol420_DJChronic, #DJChronic, #JuiceDrops

Rolling into the middle of this green, after a little transition from the intro bangers, get ready for some big synths & heavy drivers including some hot work from Funklab, Hate N Beanz & Mc Twist.  If that isn’t enough, DJ Chronic keeps puffing away with fresh joints from Bella, Agent K and Gusto Labs.  I really enjoy Bella’s no holds barred 808 booty call basswork, and this section leading into Agent K’s flip and some of  Gustolabs best work, make the highlight section of the DJ mix for me.

Exiting the middle, get ready for some aggressive beats and baselines, with hints of the Tear out days gone by…  Shockillaz ain’t joking around and then you get served up a nice mix of old school and new school bombs from Agent K, Fixx and Breaksmafia.  Bringing you to the end is a stinger from Rick Tedesco b/w of a nifty Headset Heroes remix.  I’ve done some work with those fellas, and aside from being a pleasure to work with, they bang the box, and this one is no exception…and how cool is their name?

Well done DJ Chronic…after all is said in done, thanks for a fun mix, and my parting thoughts to you or anyone listening…you definitely need to visit the Cheeba Hut in San Diego and get a tasty nug and goo ball.  GO!