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Wes Smith & White Boy Awesome Land the #1 Slot on Beatport Breaks

Congrats to the dynamic duo on their first leap to the #1 slot.  We’ve got some special promotions coming up for all the fans that made that happen so Connect with The Juice Squad and stay tuned;)  Peep the sound cloud bytes and Beatport screenshot below.

2013-11-15_BeatportBreaksTop100_#1, Wes Smith & White Boy Awesome, Juice Recordings, The Juice Squad, Funky Breaks & Basslines

Bring Back That Funk Creeps up to #2!

Wes Smith & White Boy Awesome’s Bring Back That Funk creeps up to the #2 slot on the Beatport Top 100 Breaks.  Peep the Soundcloud bite below!

2013-11-14_BeatportBreaksTop100_#2, Wes Smith, White Boy Awesome, Bring Back That Funk

Bring Back That Funk @ #3 on Beatport Top 100 & Featured in Diablo Loco November Tech Funk Chart

We were already stoked to have Wes Smith & White Boy Awesome’s Bring Back That Funk jam hit the top 10…This week it gets dropped into Diablo Loco Records Tech Funk list and pushes on up to #3.  Thanks again to all the Juice Hedz;)