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Wes Smith & White Boy Awesome’s Bring Back That Funk Hits 300 Days on Beatport Breaks Top 100!

Yes friends, crazy is as crazy does;)  Bring Back That Funk by Wes Smith & White Boy Awesome hit the 300 day mark on the Beatport Breaks Top 100.   According to BP Top Tracker, BBTF enjoyed 32 days @ #1, 147 days @ Top 10, and 300+ @ Top 100 and is currently @ #29.  This makes it the most charted of any current track in the Beatport Breaks Top 100.

First off…Oh hell yes to all the #JuiceHeads that dropped that hard earned cash and continue to bump it in the clubs, basements, and low riders!  You are the bomb!  So many other people to thank for this…but a few we know for sure are…

The Crystal Method for banging it on their 2014 USA tour #CommunityService radio show & Future Sound of Breaks WMC/UMF 2014;  BadboE for his funky remix charting on Juno Download and Denmark based blasting;  Lady Waks for her support around the UK/Spain and b/w of her Lady Waks in Da Mix podcast based out of Russia;  Splitloop & Headset Heroes for finding it early and throwing us some love around Europe;  Cliff the Head for bumpin’ it on his Gremlin Radio Show.

Some links to the good-ish below!

The Original Album Art

JR1310, Bring Back That Funk, Wes Smith And Whiteboy Awesome on Juice Recordings

 A Tricked out Video of The Crystal Method slingin’ BBTF @ Burning Man 2014 on the absolutely massive Apex Stage

A couple Lady Waks In Da Mix Episodes

Episode #273, Episode #290

…and BP Top Tracker for those Numbers people!



Wes Smith’s Hot Mess Q & A w/ The Headset Heroes out of the UK

Headset Heroes join the list of Beatport Breaks Chart personal bests with their remix of Bomb Diggy Diggy Feat. Big Wiggles.  We met these fellas though Facebook shenanigans and they have been huge supporters of Juice b/w of their gigs and NSB Radio show (details below).  We’re psyched to have them on board for the Hot Mess The Album Remixed project.   Check it ouuuuuut.

Artist_HeadsetHeroes, JuiceRecordings, TheJuiceSquad, WesSmith, WhiteBoyAwesome, DirtyKicks, BumpRStickR, LowEndHustler, DubleTime, SuperSoulFighter, StickyBumps, #BringBackThatFunk, #HotMessGoesBoom, #JuiceHeads, #FriendsInLowPlaces, #858FunkBass, #Califunkya, #JuiceDrops, #CampCharlie, #CampCharlieLove, #Unicorns, #UnicornMagic, #Breaks, #Breakbeat, #EDM, #UDM, Headset Heroes, UK

Q: What are a few things you would like people to know about you?

A: Well we have been friends since we were kids and had he same taste in music back then, well we did after I let Darren borrow my Electro 5 album and I never got it back.  Back then it was the old 1200s where we learnt our trade to cut n scratch mix.  We have played at almost every club in London through the years.  We played through the 89 house scene to the 90s, hardcore, to the jungle, to the garage, to the funky house.  Didn’t like that one too much, kept getting told off for playing breaks and then back again to the music we have always loved, breakbeat!

Q: Where can people find you on the Interwebs?

A: Beatport (, Soundcloud (, Facebook (, Official Website Coming Soon (

Q: What is your favorite track you produced?

A: Still making it

Q: Any secrets you want to share about your studio setup/techniques?

A: Wills, Yep gaffer tape to keep Darren in the studio, i could spend days in the studio, im used to it but after 12hours straight Daz needs sunlight

Q: How much time do you spend in the studio each week?

A: Way too much, but we love it

Q: Do you have a favorite or memorable show/gig?

A: Wills, Weekend World, me and Adamski trying to wake Darren up passed out in a speaker

Q: Do you Prefer Turntables, CDJ’s or Controllers?

A: We have no preference really loved turntables back in the day then loved cdj`s and now love all the new tech too and recently got the new pioneer aero controller and thats awesome and great fun without all the drama

Q: How do you prep for a show/gig?

A: We just do what we do, have fun doing it and if you want to hear for yourselves, you can catch us every other Sunday 9pm GMT on NSB radio.

Q: Any shout outs to Producers, Deejays, Crews, Pets?

A: Shout out to the big homie Wes Smith and the Juice Squad for having on board for the remixes.

Q: Favorite Color & Food?

A: Wills, All and Italian, Darren, whos ordering food

To the guys with one of the funnest names in the game…keep breakin’ the discotheque!

Hot Mess The Album Remixed by Wes Smith, Featuring the Juice Squad & Friends, Boom!

Yes friends, that’s right, we re-flipped Hot Mess The Album with 9 fresh renditions of last years funk fueled debut album from Wes Smith.  This front to back breaks-fest is a true Hot Mess, featuring remixes in order of appearance from Rob Analyze, Wes Smith, Omega Squad, Splitloop, Mutantbreakz, Dubaxface, Headset Heroes, L-Train, and DJ Fixx.  With this all star stateside and international lineup, you can press play and settle right in for 40+ minutes of juicy boom!  Get it now on Beatport ! More bits and bytes to follow.

JR1419_HotMessTheAlbumRemixed_600, Juice Recordings, The Juice Squad, Wes Smith, White Boy Awesome, Dirty Kicks, BumpR StickR, Low End Hustler, #Breaks, #Breakbeat, #JuiceHeads, #Califunkya  #BringBackThatFunk, #HotMessGoesBoom,  #FriendsInLowPlaces, Rob Analyze, Wes Smith, Omega Squad, Splitloop, Mutantbreakz, L-Train, DJ Fixx, Dubaxface, Headset Heroes