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L.O.V.E. (Looping Only Vital Energy) feat. Destructo Bunny by Omega Squad

Sound the alarm, Omega Squad’s L.O.V.E. is freaking the airwaves near you. A festival banger in scale, Looping Only Vital Energy compliments any modern club DJ’s arsenal.

Hey California by Omega Squad

Omega Squad sling the vocal laden beats in their latest release on Juice Recordings, Hey California. Merging modern and retro sounds, Hey California is an A grade party anthem. On the flip side, Chase the Sun brings the 808 funk with rolling percussions and a serious gangster lean.


All Day All Night & Twisted by Omega Squad – 2 New Tracks, Released Today!

Popping off their first release for Juice in 2016, Omega Squad brings their signature heat on “All Day All Night”.  With lyrical flow wrapped in tight 808 kicks and fresh synths, this one is prime for the Summer dance floor mayhem.  On the flip, “Twisted” gives a nod to 2015’s slam jamma “Fresh” and continues the evolution of the Omega Squad sound with tight lyrical flow and a female vocal added in to the mix for good measure.