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It’s Wes Smith Yo! It’s Breaks Yo! Miami

What a perfect show for the next It’s Wes Smith Yo tour stop…BreaksYo!  Ground Zero Crew presents Breaks Yo!The Social Lubricant.

Breaks Yo - Bebe 2

Wes Smith is a DJ and producer based out of San Diego, CA. He is the Beatport Breaks Best of 2014 #1 Label Boss, #1 Track Producer, and #2 Artist. His floor filling single “Bring Back That Funk” camped out at the Beatport Breaks #1 spot for more than 30 days and nearly 150 days in the top 10.

With official support from The Crystal Method, Lady Waks and The Armory Podcast, his DJ mixes and music are featured on top podcasts, radio shows and labels. His main floor live sets run the genre game with funk fueled beats, bass and vocals. Wes is also the Juice Recordings label boss, chief sticker bomber and creative force behind The Juice Squad.

With support from:

JimiTheGenius (Kuad Recordings / Zone) * Bday Set! [Link]

Bebe (Digital Records) [Link]

Mas Inc (Culture) [Link]

Robotic (Bass Records) [Link]

JROC [Link]

G$Montana (Project Mayhem) [Link]

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Wes Smith & The Juice Squad @ Winter Music Conference 2014

God Speed to our chief donut maker Wes Smith as he packs his Beverly Hillbillies rig and takes off East to rep Juice Recordings & The Juice Squad at WMC 2014.  He’s got two gigs, nicely spaced and even better placed.  The first one is the 10th Year Anniversary of Project Mayhem, the renowned industry party.  Numero Dos is the Gimme A Break Pool Party.  And then of course he’ll be sticker bombing the rest of the time!  If you’re in Miami, Enjoy!

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