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The Juice Squad’s Top Soundcloud Sources for 2013

We’ve had a lot of fun in 2013 and would like to take a few minutes or lines to thank some of our top supporters for the year.  We have a few posts coming, but first off is the fan driven websites that sent the most visitors over to listen to our music on Soundcloud.


In addition to our fancy artwork, here’s the links to the top source list including Free Breaks BlogGhetto FunkRhythm and Breaks & The Art Of Remix.  Check em all out and keep dialed in on the world of breaks cause these peeps have it on lock!

Rhythm & Breaks [Spain] Drops a Full Length Review of Hot Mess | The Album by Wes Smith Feat. The Juice Squad

No we didn’t remix DMX.  But here’s a huge review of Hot Mess | The Album from Rhythm & Breaks out of Spain.  R&B drops current, well thought out articles covering the worldwide breaks scene and specifically what’s going on in Spain.  If you didn’t notice…yes it’s in Spanish.  So we checked with our multi-lingual correspondent and translator Maria “Mad Dog” Takanawa and she says it’s all good;)  Thanks R&B Crew!

Rhythm & Breaks | Wes Smith Feat. The Juice Squad & Friends – Hot Mess (The Album) 

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