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Califunkya Dreamin’ 01 by Wes Smith

Wes Smith drops his first release in his Califunkya Dreamin’ series. Nothing To Say is an absolute smasher, switching up grimy lead sounds on the main melody and redropping into utter synth madness. On the flip side, Bubble Yummy wubs its way into the mix, stacked with pitched vocal chops and a truly unique energy.

Don’t Touch by Wes Smith

Wes Smith’s Don’t Touch is pure funk brutality. The Califunkya Mix shakes it up and tears it down, while the Califournya Mix lines up the kicks and drops in a fresh melody.

Ride That D by Wes Smith & Short Stack

Wes Smith and Short Stack keep the beats rollin’ with Ride That D. This release features the Original Mix and the Festivus Mix, which reworks the track with a blissful chord progression and a fresh drop.