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Ride That D by Wes Smith & Short Stack

Wes Smith and Short Stack keep the beats rollin’ with Ride That D. This release features the Original Mix and the Festivus Mix, which reworks the track with a blissful chord progression and a fresh drop.

Beat Don’t Stop by Wes Smith & Short Stack

The Beat Don’t Stop! Wes Smith and Short Stack shake it up on the A-side with a certified 808 party anthem. On the flip, Wes Smith and Dirty Kick’s Dub Warrior delivers even more premium breakbeat action.

It’s Wes Smith Yo – The Album, Remixed (Volume Two)

Remixing the life aquatic round two, Wes Smith invites you to join him and his magic fugu for a journey into the remix.  With a proper remix album, exploring the currents of twelve minds, Wes Smith reserves a seat for you to float among his jellyfish friends as you feel the funk, roll out to the club, and rave on.  Drop the low end and press play!