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Cold Beat by Disaster Beats

Disaster Beats is back with another release on Juice Recordings. Cold Beat is a top shelf breaks anthem that spreads the vibes thick. Sweet Kebab is another animal altogether. The tune begins with a light-hearted energy and gets very real very fast. Enjoy!


Dance Your Body by Disaster Beats

Disaster Beats has consistently produced some of the hottest breaks tracks and his new release on Juice Recordings is no different. Dance Your Body is a groovy roller that pumps up the energy with its euphoric synth leads and shuffling hi-hats. On the flipside, Neighborhood No Good is a dynamic track that evolves in a very fun and lively way from beginning to end.


Like This & Work That by Disaster Beats

Fresh out of Spain, Disaster Beats drops this 808 heavy pair of bangers for his debut release on Juice. “Like This” heats up the A-Side with drawn out kicks that run for miles peaking with a glitched out vocal and piano track flavor. Flip it to the B-Side and “Work That” does exactly that with some familiar Bubba Gump level samples wrapped in boom tighter than your favorite bacon laced snacks.