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Shutdown (DJ Fixx Remix) by Speedfreeks Out Now!

Whut up JuiceHedz?  Big Shouts…In a quick day, DJ Fixx’s Remix of our Classic track Shutdown by Speedfreeks has popped into the Top 50 on Beatport Breaks.  For anyone from the way back machine, you will remember the original genre blasting big beat electro version and the timeless Simply Jeff Remix that we released a few minutes ago on 12″ Vinyl!  All are available on Beatport and other fine stores.  Enjoy!

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Brutal B-Boy on Soundcloud

The Brutal B-Boy party continues on Soundcloud!

Brutal B-Boy Re-Squeeze EP by The Speedfreeks on Juice Recordings

Diggin deep in tha orange crates…we find Speedfreeks!  To phatten it up we enlisted our pal DJ Fixx to drop his flavor on the Big Beat classic Brutal B-Boy and wrapped it up tight with all the other Speedfreeks jams from the catalog.  There’s a bonus re-squeeze of another classic in there too!

JR1301, Brutal B-Boy EP (Re-Squeeze) on Juice Recordings

Git it on Beatport and other fine stores now…