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Wes Smith & White Boy Awesome’s Bring Back That Funk Hits 300 Days on Beatport Breaks Top 100!

Yes friends, crazy is as crazy does;)  Bring Back That Funk by Wes Smith & White Boy Awesome hit the 300 day mark on the Beatport Breaks Top 100.   According to BP Top Tracker, BBTF enjoyed 32 days @ #1, 147 days @ Top 10, and 300+ @ Top 100 and is currently @ #29.  This makes it the most charted of any current track in the Beatport Breaks Top 100.

First off…Oh hell yes to all the #JuiceHeads that dropped that hard earned cash and continue to bump it in the clubs, basements, and low riders!  You are the bomb!  So many other people to thank for this…but a few we know for sure are…

The Crystal Method for banging it on their 2014 USA tour #CommunityService radio show & Future Sound of Breaks WMC/UMF 2014;  BadboE for his funky remix charting on Juno Download and Denmark based blasting;  Lady Waks for her support around the UK/Spain and b/w of her Lady Waks in Da Mix podcast based out of Russia;  Splitloop & Headset Heroes for finding it early and throwing us some love around Europe;  Cliff the Head for bumpin’ it on his Gremlin Radio Show.

Some links to the good-ish below!

The Original Album Art

JR1310, Bring Back That Funk, Wes Smith And Whiteboy Awesome on Juice Recordings

 A Tricked out Video of The Crystal Method slingin’ BBTF @ Burning Man 2014 on the absolutely massive Apex Stage

A couple Lady Waks In Da Mix Episodes

Episode #273, Episode #290

…and BP Top Tracker for those Numbers people!



The Crystal Method drop “Old Skool (Wes Smith’s Califunkya Remix)” on Sirius Electric Area

Episode #112 of #CommunityService rolls signature selections from The Crystal Method throughout….They also drop one of our recent jams around the 35:00-ish mark and a nice shout out around the 38:00-ish point for the upcoming Avalon Hollywood show we are supporting.  Check it below!

In case you missed the previous drop…Episode #110 featured Difference (Wes Smith & The Juice Squad Remix) by The Crystal Method.  That’s an official remix for TCM getting some nice rotation on the show and at various events.

Listen to The Crystal Method’s Community Service Radio on SiriusXM Electric Area every Monday at 9 PM EST and Thursday at 12AM EST.

The Crystal Method’s 20th Anniversary Show @ Avalon Feat. Wes Smith

As if beach parties, excursions to Mexico and a journey to Burning Man to drop bombs off Bumper Cars and Unicorns weren’t enough…Wes Smith will be wrapping up August on some next level business providing massive support for The Crystal Method’s 20th Anniversary show @ Avalon Hollywood.  With the entire crew incredibly stoked, watch out for plenty of exclusive chart toppin’ Juice flava.  Tix are hot, get em’ here on Songkick.

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