Bass Cutter

The Industry Standard Mobile DJ & Lawn Cutting Rig

Bass Cutter is the industry standard dual purpose mobile DJ & lawn cutting rig that lets you get that money bag to support your DJ/Producer habit.  

Early origins of the idea can be traced to a time when budding house music legend Chapter & Verse was posting about challenges with the music industry, specifically how little money is made from a $10,000 booking fee.  Equally important inspiration came from the concept of the “High Risk DJ” being courageously pioneered at the time by James Hype.  

The natural solution was to create a win/win by combining solid, time tested vocational skills w/the increasingly difficult skill set required to DJ.  Early prototypes started to surface when I was doing a collaboration with DJ Lon Gai in early 2024.  The Bass Cutter 1.0 was born to solve the dilemma of making money while DJing, and at the same time elevating the art of High Risk DJ performances, especially if you aren’t wearing shoes.

Bass Cutter 2.0 DJ Lon Gai Signature Edition Specifications (Coming Soon):

-Pioneer DJ Flex 4 DJ Controller

-JBL Boombox

-Jauz of Aluminum iPad clamp 

-Same nonsense as Bass Cutter 1.0

Bass Cutter 1.0 Specifications:

-Numark Mixstream Pro Go DJ Controller

-GreenWorks 21” 40v Eco Mower

-Shxt load of RAM Mount connectors

-Magic tube clamps from Ali Baba

-2 Bricks (Same size/weight as seen on Brick Fitnesss)

-3/8 Plywood recycled from Woodstock (Hendrix or Durst edition work equally well)

-Vampire flat black paint sourced from tears of techno purists during the rise of mainstream

-Modelo especial (optional if you want to turn up the risk level, at your own risk of course)