Brick Fitnesss

The Number Won Fitness Program for Broke Artists

Brick Fitnesss is the best way for broke Artists & Musicians to stay fit on a budget.  Once you have banged your head on all the doors, waited all the waits, and watched all the grass grow (or optional bananas) it’s time for brick fitnesss.

The Brick Fitnesss routine is designed to be affordable, even for artists that are making ends meet with royalties from Apple Music, perhaps even Spotify, but SoundCloud is a stretch.

The idea for Brick Fitnesss was born when retired DJ and dance legend Makario was watching his neighbors build a brick wall and he lifted one.  That’s about it.

Brick Fitnesss Basics:

-Standard bricks from a neighborhood construction project.

-Appropriate clothing; see Royal Tennenbaums, James Hype, Zoolander, etc…

-Gloves & a mean grip

-Shoes optional, but consider how high risk this is (see James Hype of definition of high risk).

Brick Fitnesss Playlists on Apple Music:

Brick Fitnesss Workout Playlist

Brick Fitnesss Running Playlist

Brick Fitnesss Cycling Playlist

Optional Reading:

None really